Visual Arts High School Student Work

Visual Arts: High School Student Works

The 2014 Arts standards are written in grade by grade performance standards for grades Pre K-8, and at three levels in high school - proficient, accomplished, and advanced - which recognizes that high school course work no longer remains organized by a particular grade level. Model Cornerstone Assessments have been written for Grades 2, 5, 8 and at three levels at high school; Proficient, Accomplished, and Advanced.

The High School levels defined:

Proficient: A level of achievement attainable by most students who complete a high-school level course in the arts (or equivalent) beyond the foundation of quality Pre K-8 instruction.

Accomplished: A level of achievement attainable by most students who complete a rigorous sequence of high school level courses (or equivalent) beyond the Proficient level.

Advanced: A level and scope of achievement that is beyond rigorous, substantially expands students' knowledge, skills, and understandings beyond the expectations articulated for Accomplished achievement, and prepares students for college-level work.

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Visual Arts HS Proficient
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1. Creating
2. Presenting
3. Responding
4. Connecting